• Image of "7786-Burroughs, WM." Hardcover Book

A single copy of the "7786-Burroughs, WM." Hardcover Book.
This book is limited to 650 copies. This does not include the postcard set!

Forward by Victor Bockris.


"The 7786 - Burroughs, Wm. print project presents a unique look at one of the most iconic, brilliant, controversial and subversive authors of the 20th Century. Discovered amongst a photo archive of more than 20,000 negatives, this previously unseen series of William Burroughs portraits gives us a rare and intimate glimpse at Burroughs and explores the concepts of iconography and identity performance.

Presented in a small-format hardcover photo book, this project asks readers to think about choices made by Burroughs while in the studio and his selection of a single portrait for use in promoting an upcoming personal appearance. This book dissects the image of a cultural icon and exposes a process in the creation and perpetuation of celebrity image. "